Northern France

Northern France

Now, on to the good stuff. When I think of my favorite foods, I never really put France on the top of my list. Although, after looking through recipes for the next few weeks, I may have to rethink.  While I had initially broken France up into two weeks, northern and southern, further investigation on the various culinary regions mandated that I add one more: central. This ensured I’d be able to eat some very quintessential French dishes without having to narrow it down too much.  Viva la France!

The northern region, which for my purposes encompasses both northeast and northwest, have actually quite different food cultures.  The northwest coastline is very seafood heavy, and Normandy in particular is quite famous for its apples, yielding copious amounts of apple cider and Calvados. The northeast is more likely to adopt tastes from neighboring Belgium and Germany.  As for alcohol, beer, wine or champagne-anything goes!  And the whole country really can’t get enough dairy.  Whew.  Here’s to my attempt to cram all the best of Northern France into a week.

Crepes with nutella

French Onion Soup

Normandy Style Chicken

Creme Brûlée

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