Southern Africa

Southern Africa

Southern Africa. I realize that this is more than just the country of South Africa, but I’m here to inform you that most of the next two weeks’ recipes are going to come from the country itself. Why? Well, like I said in the last post, I like to get personal recommendations for what I should make and because both Yam and Apple Crisp lived in Capetown and I’ve visited myself, I had more than enough tasty options from South Africa alone, and it was hard enough to pare those down.

South African cuisine is the epitome of fusion.  The culinary influences reach all the way back to the very first Dutch settlers that sailed around the Cape of Good Hope and each group of explorers that subsequently touched down added their two cents to the local flavors. As such, specks of French, German, British, Indian, Portuguese, Greek and Dutch can all be found in what one might consider authentic South African dishes.  So really, what makes South African food unique is that it’s not really unique at all, but merely a rearrangement of everyone else’s.  Regardless, these combinations would pass the standard for originality set by the U.S. Patent Office.  As they should. I guarantee every bite this week will make you go “MMMM….”

Sad note:  I have zero pictures from my trip. They are trapped on my old, crashed hard drive, never to be recovered.

Cape Brandy Pudding

Cape Malay Fish Stew

“Bunny Chow”




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