Southern Italy

Ahh. Italy.  The land of art, culture, history and FOOD.  Ask any of your friends what his or her favorite food is, and I’d say wager a bet that…80%…of them answer Italian. What’s not to love?  The thought of a cheesy-meaty-rich-plateful of noodle-y goodness makes most people weak in the knees.  Most, but not me.  Now, I like Italian food just fine, but in the whole spectrum of international cuisine, it ranks near the bottom of my list.  Not sure why, it’s just not my fave.  Cest la vie.

Regardless of my aversion, I’m pretty excited to cook Italian food. I do like it, and since I almost never make it for myself, here I have a great excuse. Onward!

Italy can be divided into twenty food regions. TWENTY! Whew. That’s a lot. I’m simplifying things a bit by dividing it into a very general three like I had previously done with Spain and France.  I’m sure I won’t do it justice, but will try and do so in a mere three weeks.

Moving up the map, I’m hitting Southern Italy first, which for my purposes encompasses Sicily, Campania, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria, Apulia and Sardinia.  Mangia!


Pizza Margharita

Grano Dolce

*I had a little back mishap which couched me for a few days this week. I still have one favorite from Spain to make, so that may show up randomly one day…*

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