Ahh. Switzerland.  Neutral in politics, seemingly undecided on everything else.  When visiting, it was amazing to me how different in personality the French side was from the German.  My crew and I arrived in Geneva and it was cold, rainy and right off the bat the customs agents were unfriendly by refusing to stamp my passport. Who does that? No reason- just flat out refused… “We do not do zat here.”


This is Geneva’s flower clock. It’s supposed to be very famous and I made my friends walk over 90 minutes to see it. Upon arriving, they were all so angry it turned out to be SO nothing that none of the three of them talked to me for at least an hour.

Alternatively in Zurich, the sun was set high in the sky against a bright blue background when we arrived, and our hostel host was welcoming and jovial and all around awesome.


The cuisine of Switzerland is equally schizophrenic, borrowing from France to the west, Germany to the northeast and Italy to the south.    Since Switzerland is comprised mostly of farmland, the most popular food products are potatoes and dairy, making it all very heavy and rich.  To be honest it was hard to find stuff that I wanted to make, especially since heavy and rich do not go well with 85 degrees, in my mind.  Nevertheless, here we go:


Emmentaler Apple Rosti

Swiss style Carrot Cake

Devil’s Polenta with Quail

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