The Marshall Islands

Despite my efforts to not take a week off for my work trip, my exploits in the kitchen could not keep up with my social calendar the week I got back. With plans to eat out every night, there was really no need for me to spend the time and effort to cook what I could not eat. And so it goes.

On to another group of islands. The Marshall Islands, to be more specific.  Like all the other islands I’ve visited thus far, the Marshall Islands rely heavily on fruits, veggies and nuts and what comes from the sea. Coconuts (no surprise there), pandanus (no idea) and breadfruit (also no idea) are among the favorites and dairy is uncommon.


To be honest, when searching the interwebs, it was hard to come up with new and exciting foods, so I’ve instead tried to put a Marshallese twist on some more ordinary dishes.  Same same, but different.


Macadamia Nut Tart

Marshallese Style Grilled Chicken Pork Chops

Siu Pao Pork Buns



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