So that’s where I’m at.

Malaysian food combines the likes of the Malay, Chinese, Thai and Indian.  YEAH.


This is going to be AMAZING. 

Malaysian cuisine owes its diversity to its location…it’s sort of  sandwiched between or near all of the above nations.  Add to that the migration of all of those people through the Malaysian peninsula as well as the hands of the colonials, and you’ve got some pretty spectacular flavors.

In some ways, Malaysian food is pretty similar to Indonesian food:  heavily spiced and chock full of ingredients not typically found in the market down the street, ingredients that sent me searching far uptown and out of the comfort of my hood.

Tomato and I arrived at the Broadway Supermarket to find an unmarked cop car, lights on, and two Kevlar-clad officers making the rounds. Comforting.

But hey..check out my stash!


I got some pretty exciting ingredients for some pretty exciting dishes. So get excited. I am.

Roti with Kaya (Coconut Egg Jam)

Fish and Herb Salad


Beef Rendang


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