Gone Bananas: Thai Fried Bananas

Today, I totally cheated.

Shortcut city over here.

The first recipe I read for Thai Fried Bananas involved, not counting the oil, basically two ingredients: Spring roll wrappers and bananas.


I used egg roll wrappers but I think spring roll would be better…they’re thinner

I was psyched- could it GET any easier?  Probably not.  I could get over my fear of deep frying by merely shallow frying these bad boys.  SOLD.

After I got home and did some more in depth research, I realized there is an actual recipe for a rice/tapioca batter for these.  I considered it for a second before I read the proportions were all for a quantity of ten bananas. TEN.

I am a party of one, and cutting down a recipe by 1/10th wasn’t going to happen. Back to the spring roll wrappers.  Cheating? Maybe, but sometimes it has to be done for the good of my one man household. It’s one thing to have a large pot of chili that I eat for a week; it’s quite another to have 10 fried bananas.

As I was reflecting on the simplicity of this dish, I was thinking to myself, “You know what would be great? Some sort of sauce. Like a Thai peanut sauce. But sweet. Like a peanut butter sauce. Maybe with some chocolate.  Done.”

Well maybe not quite authentically Thai, I’m pretty sure they’d eat the PB-chocolate combo right up. I mean, it’s like, God’s food.


Add some whipped cream and even I can get on board with this fruit dessert.  So, I guess when all is said and done, there are five ingredients. STILL.


Serving for a party of one

2 spring roll wrappers

1 banana

some peanut butter, melty

some chocolate chips, melted

whipped cream

oil for frying


1.  Cut the banana in half.  Roll in to a spring roll wrapper like this:

directionsYes, I just took a picture of the wrapper. Easier than explaining it.

They will look like this:


2.  Heat a saute pan with about 1/2″ oil.  You’ll know the oil is ready when you drop a bit of a corner of a spring roll wrapper in it and it starts to bubble and fry.

3.  Place the banana rolls in the oil and fry about 2 minutes per side until they are golden brown.  Be careful you don’t splash.  Remove and drain on a paper towel.

4.  Drizzle with the good stuff and serve with whipped cream immediately.  As if you could wait.

friedThe chocolate is underneath

I really do put whipped cream on everything…


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