Eastern China

Hi-ho, neighbor.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here to share my culinary adventures.  Usually when I take a break from the kitchen, it’s because I’ve been traveling, and thus had little time to prep for the week of cooking ahead. Not this time.

This time, I was dragging my feet as I plowed ahead to Eastern China.



I didn’t want to eat Chinese food.

I wanted to eat Cock-a-leekie Soup and Chicken Tagine. So I did, and they were wonderful and amazing. While I love mixing it up every week, sometimes I just want to return to my favorites, and that is what last week was in the Buddha household.

Ready to get back into the swing, I’m moving on into the wild wonders of Chinese cuisine.  The cool thing about cooking China is I again get to utilize one of Mama Buddha’s neglected cookbooks, and this one happens to break the country up into regions for me. Therefore, the hard part is done.


Eastern Chinese cuisine is more often referred to as the “Shanghai” school of cooking and is markedly different from the rest of China, even from the rest of Eastern China.  The various bodies of water provide a plethora of fresh seafood that flavor many of the dishes popular in this area.

According to the aforementioned forgotten cookbook, Eastern Chinese cooking is not only influenced by the topography of the land, but also the area’s rich history.  The area’s love for the lavish comes from when Naking was the imperial capital, leaving in its wake a rich and refined cuisine that adds a little sweet to what is typically savory.


While this all sounds well and good, to me, a lot of what I found tended towards the heavy and greasy- almost ever recipe I found said “oil for frying”-not really my cup of tea. However, I did my best to find authentic dishes that fit my palate.

Tea Eggs

Lion’s Head Pork Soup

Bean Sprout Salad

Honeyed Cod

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