The Koreas

This week’s menu is a tribute to Apple Crisp, who is Korean. Well, Korean-Italian, but Korean by birth.

So, Apple Crisp, this week’s for you.

Korean food is basic enough, with most meals consisting of rice, meat and veggies. However, like Burma, the things that makes you go “Mmmm….” with all of these dishes are the condiments and sauces: kimchi, soybean paste, ginger, sesame oil, etc.  Otherwise:  simple meats, simple veggies, simple technique. And simple is good.


While North and South Korea are politically distinct, there will be peace between them this week on my table.  There really isn’t all that different about the food historically, but the political isolation of the North and their respective geographical orientations (one hugs China, the other draws from Japan) do create some distinction, though none that I will specifically highlight this week. Apologies if you are offended.

Both I think will prove to be pretty fantastic, and I’m admittedly more excited than I have been in weeks.



Korean Saute Sauce

Baesuk (Baked Korean Pear)

Galbi (Korean BBQ)

Hotteok (Stuffed sweet pancakes)



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