On to Russia.

I really couldn’t have timed it more perfectly- I mean, the Winter Olympics start in 24 days, which is plenty of time for you to think about making some of these (what I’m sure will be amazing) dishes for your Olympic watch party.  Totally planned it this way, obviously.  Despite all the controversy surrounding the Olympics this year, I’m admittedly looking forward to it. The feeling of camaraderie that each Olympics brings is palpable and I love how for two weeks the world seems, in some way, to be at peace.

discovery snow tours

Photo from Discovery Snow Tours

That was a tangent. Back to the food.  I wasn’t sure what to expect…is it Europe? Is it Asia? What are the culinary influences? The sheer size of this massive country would suggest that there would be a large variety on the table, and that there is.

First, it’s cold there, in case you didn’t know. Food is meant to be heavy and soul warming for those long Russian winters, and therefore the main ingredients tend to be, much to my dismay, very light on the fruits and veg and very heavy on the potatoes, bread, eggs, meat and butter.

New York Daily News

Picture from the New York Daily News

Second, I found a lot of similarities between Russian food and some of my eastern European favorites (some of which you’ve seen before): beets, pickled delicacies (such as fish), cabbage, yeast pastries and cakes…lots of good stuff…

Third, alcohol. Vodka. After experiencing the polar vortex here at home last week, I can understand the propensity to get heavily sloshed, either because it helps numb one from cold weather, or because people simply run out of things to do when stuck inside all day. In either case, given my shaky history with vodka thanks to Spring Break 2002, I won’t be touching that with a ten foot pole, so no boozy creations from me this week.

daily mail

Picture from The Daily Mail

You will, however, be getting these:

Borscht (Beet soup)

Tula Gingerbread

Chicken Kotleti (Chicken with mushroom stuffing) Burger with Carrot Slaw and Yogurt Dill Sauce

Apple Oladi (Russian yeast pancakes)

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