Northern India

I knew when I started my around the world culinary journey that some countries needed more attention than others.  While I recognize that most countries have regional cuisines, in some these geographical differences create a plate distinct enough that I thought it necessary to give them each some recognition. Like with Spain, Italy and France, I’m dividing India the best that I can into three very general north/south/central regions. There are actually THIRTY-FIVE culinary regions in Indian, so even breaking it down to three means taking a major shortcut.


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Given its location, it’s no surprise that northern Indian cuisine, unlike that of the south/central, is more likely to be influenced by its Central Asian neighbors.  Notably, the foods of Bengal in the northeast of the country bear a striking resemblance to those that I just sampled in Bangladesh, and when searching for recipes I had to do a double take to ensure I was not mixing them up.  Thick, heavy, curries are the order of the day, and despite the plethora of fruits and veggies, hearty meats like goat and lamb makes an appearance more in the north than in other regions.  North India was influenced by the Moghuls dynasty that ruled India for three centuries, and it’s in the style of these people that the meats are prepared and the British – which put a European twist into some dishes to create Anglo-Indian delights such as Mulligatawny.


Mama Buddha has a wonderful tried and true Indian cookbook that she swears by and we spent a good part of this morning talking about food and recipes and the list of food I ended up wanting to make in the next three weeks is way too much for me by my lonesome.  Sigh. The burden of a healthy appetite.

Rogan Josh

Bengali Prawns


Kheer (Rice pudding)

Chocolate Chai Truffles

Sweet and Spicy Tomato Apple Chutney

That’s a long list…better get to work…

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