Central India

I woke up way too early today, especially after a Saturday night that ended at 1:00 AM after many hours of playing Just Dance. Have you ever played it? It might be my new favorite thing.  I already dance around my apartment, and with this game, my movements can have purpose.

The good thing about waking up early this morning is that I got to watch Canada win hockey gold.  The Canadian in me is very happy (did I ever tell you that I’m Canadian? Mama Buddha was actually born up there, so I’m passport eligible).  Maple syrup in my coffee to celebrate.


Photo via The Guardian

But I’m not here to talk about Canada. I’m here to talk about (central) India. Don’t worry, I’m saving Canada and its food for another day.

Central India adopts its flavors from the rest of the country, some more meaty and wheaty bits from the north, some more fishy bits from the south and veggie bits from the middle.  Despite the seemingly stark differences, the common thread seems to be cream and spice.  Sounds good to me though I suspect some interesting gluten-free/dairy-free challenges await.


Game face on.

Butter chicken

Tandoori chicken

Cashew barfi

Gujarati- style dal 

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