Southern India

Well, the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray, and that’s what happened last week. That man-eating killer virus that kicked my patoot last week turned into a chest cold that further kicked me while down. I’m still recovering and had not regained by vigor and enthusiasm for kitchen debauchery in time to finish up Mardi Gras week. Alas, me and pralines were not meant to be. Yet. They will not be forgotten, so those will be for a day when boredom and my sweet tooth overtake my good sense and we will all be surprised.

Plus, I went home to the Mitten to visit Mama this weekend and my brain and body were disconnected and on vacation. Unfortunately duty calls and it’s back to reality tomorrow.  How could I not zen out with a view like this?


Ahhh. Pure Michigan.

Moving on to Southern India, I’ve taken the friendly suggestions of my friend Garbanzo and will attempt to make some of her childhood favorites. I hope to do them justice.

Southern Indian cuisine is characterized by spices, particularly the hot kind.  I’m okay with that. My sinuses need some clearing.  The southern regions are also heavier on the vegetarian and, being coastal, the fish.  So, lots of spices, lots of coconut, hopefully lots of happy coming your way.

Pork Vindloo


Vegetarian Biryani

Potato Curry

Tomato Pappu


Sigh. This is a lot of food. Challenge extended.


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