A Year Older, and Better than Ever! Birthday Favorites

Hello party people!

Well, we’re back, and thanks to the folks at WP for Beginners, especially Jeremy, for getting the Buddha Blog up and running smoothly in its new home.  I could not have done it alone. Or at least not disaster-free.

Just because I was not posting does not mean I was not cooking. Quite the contrary and, though a little late, I’m bringing you one week of my favorite foods, round two, for my birthday (which was yesterday) before continuing on into the Baltic region. However, since my birthday party is next weekend, the celebration can legitimately continue until then.



Does anyone else throw their own birthday party? Mama Buddha was appalled at this after I threw my 30th Britney Spears-themed party, but I’ve come to find that if I want to party in celebration of me, I see no reason why I can’t organize something myself. Even as far as baking my own cakeI know what I like and I make it best. And as for this year’s party, I’ll be ringing in 33 by bouncing around for a few hours at the trampoline park because nothing says thirty-something like acting like a twelve-year old.

Since I spent two weeks making birthday favorites last year, I had a sort-of hard time coming up with new ones for this year. When I thought long and hard about what was left after the veal paprikash, bread pudding, tacos and club sandwiches, I could come up with little more than French fries and ice cream. Yes, my tastes are really that simple and while I’m not making French fries, I figured ice cream…yes, please.

Here are my simple pleasures that, along with my friends and family, make life worth living:

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Pulled Pork Tacos with Cider BBQ Sauce and Apple Slaw

Pumpkin Bread French Toast


Birthday Surprise from Lettuce. Every girl likes flowers!

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