Australia and New Zealand

The Lands Down Under.

Australia and New Zealand, you’re up.

I’ve slogged my way through Eastern Europe and it’s time to jet back East before I cross the Pacific into North America. Giddy up.

Now, I know nothing about these two countries except that I want to go to there. They’ve been forever on my long list of places to go but I just haven’t made it yet, mostly because other places tend to get in the way.

There are too many places to go! But I digress.

Food- that’s why I’m here. The food of Australia and New Zealand is sort of a mystery, so I’ve asked for guidance from some of my favorite friends from Oz.

From what I can tell, while these two nations do draw on European, Malaysian and other Pacific influences, there are dishes that are uniquely or famously Kiwi or Ozzie.

As for New Zealand, lamb, venison and tons of fresh shellfish and seafood are the order of the day. And wine. Lots of wine, specifically sauvignon blanc, pinot noir and syrah. Sounds good to me.

And Australia, being the third largest fishing zone in the world, is really keen on all types of seafood, prepared fried or on the barbie.  And given it’s colonial heritage, many traditional Australian dishes embrace many British traditions. This is exciting, since you know I love anything British.

I’m still formulating my exact plan, but I’m pretty sure it will include some or all of the following:

Hokey Pokey

Anzac Biscuits

Aussie Burger Chili



Pic from National Geographic


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