Alaska and Hawaii

Up next, Alaska and Hawaii!  On to the states!


I got a last minute suggestion from someone on some awesome sounding scallops from New Zealand, so I’ll circle back to those next week. But, first, welcome back to the U.S. of A.

It’s been almost two years since I’ve cooked my own country and truthfully, I’m excited to see what the U.S. has to offer.  For as much as I’ve traveled, much of the western U.S. remains a mystery to me and I’ve yet to make it to the non-continentals.   Someday I’ll make it there, but for now, I have to settle for the food in place of the scenery.

My impressions of states numbers 49 and 50 come from people who have traveled there before me (Apple Crisp went to Hawaii on her honeymoon, Blueberry to Alaska), movies and TV shows (does anyone remember Northern Exposure?!).  It’s all hearsay, but Apple Crisp and I got to talking and she said that Hawaii was, not surprisingly, big on the Polynesian foods.  Fresh seafood, fruits and veggies and local products are the hallmarks of the local cuisine and, being an island, much has to be imported, making a lot of foods that you and I find commonplace very expensive.  Influenced by much of the Pacific Rim, Japan, the Philippines, Korea and Thailand play a big part in what the locals eat.

As for Alaska, it’s all about the foods to keep you warm through long, cold months. Wildberries that I’ve never heard of (crowberries, watermelonberries and salmonberries, to name a few) grow like weeds. Game meats such as reindeer and bison are often on the dinner menu and, it’s hard to forget that Alaska is big on the coldwater seafood like halibut and salmon.  Traditions are also influenced by the native Eskimos and the heavy use of seal and walrus fats and oils. Tasty times ahead!


Pictures courtesy of Blueberry

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