The Southwest

I knew that when I crossed my birthday weekend back in August that life would be busy until after Thanksgiving. With visitors, trips and parties, I’ve managed quite well. However, as I look at the weeks ahead, three of the next four weekends will be spent not in my house, which means not in my kitchen.

Most of what you see on these virtual pages occurs on a Sunday since 1) who has time/energy during the week? and 2) my daylight hours to photograph are dwindling. While mid-June I could count on until at least 7:30 to get things done after work, now all dishes must be plated and photos snapped no later than 6. #FoodBloggerProblems. In any case, the no weekends coming up means that I’ll be scouring my freezer for leftovers I’ve intentionally stock piled for the next month. It also means that my culinary journey will slow considerably. The good news is that when I do pick things back up, I’m heading south of the border to Mexico where no doubt the spicy flavors will keep things hot in my house as the temps outside cannot.

BUT, before things really slow, a trip to the Southwestern United States.

Despite previous misconceptions, food from the American Southwest is NOT just Mexican food. Sure there are influences from Mexico, but southwest cuisine is unique in its own right, and really encompasses three distinct types of sub-cuisines: traditional, Tex-Mex, and “cowboy cooking”, all three seamlessly woven into the everyday plate. Food is simple but flavorful, and no doubt stick to your ribs.

Sure you’ll find tortillas and frijoles, but the star of any show down there, especially in New Mexico, is undoubtedly the chile, red, green and everything in between. As you travel from west to east through tiny Texas border towns to the bigger cities, the focus goes more Tex-Mex, with dishes like tamale pie, skirts steak, tacos and enchiladas. Finally, as far as that cowboy fare is concerned, think “home on the range,” so…lots of meat, chiles, corn, beans, and lard. In some ways, the best kind of food.

There may be more, but for now, I’m at least making…

Tamale Pie


How’s this blast from the past, Lettuce and Yam??

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