Central America

I’m starting to worry I’m getting tired of Latin American food. I do love it, and admittedly Mexican flavors are my go-to. However, too much of a good thing does happen. Proof: This major sweet tooth got sweet-ed out on Monday when I bakery hopped in my neighborhood: Sugar Fixe for macaroons, Butcher & the Burger for custard and Swirlz for cupcakes. It was a good day, but I was sick by the time I got home.

Being the worst food blogger ever, I took pictures of none of the above. As such, it’s obvious that I must retrace my steps to do it properly next time.

Anyway, I hope that by the time I make my way through Central and into South America, the cuisine is diverse enough that I don’t swear off Latin food forever (That would never happen. Let’s be honest.). And with St. Pat’s, Mardi Gras and Easter all coming up, I’ll get some breaks in here and there that will mix things up. Perhaps I’ll be surprised by the food in the upcoming weeks (months?) and this anxiety will all be for naught. I’m sure I will be spectacularly wrong.

So Central America. Let’s get into it.

Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala and Panama are what’s up, and I may try to do a dish from each in the coming few weeks.

Corn, chiles, beans, tomatoes and bananas are the staple ingredients in this region. With origins that can be traced back to the Mayan, the cuisine enhances these ingredients with flavors native to the area: fruits, nuts, seeds, a large variety of meats and other ingredients we may see as stand-alone (beer, coffee, chocolate), as well as the outside influences of Spain, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, all twisted into both simple and complex dishes, no doubt all of them spectacular (at least, at my very cursory first glance).

So, self, I say, be not afraid and embrace the good eats of Central America

Baked Plantains

Shrimp Creole

Clam Soup


Quesadilla Salvadoreña

Walnut pomegranate blueberry guacamole

Ricotta crepes with orange curd and blueberries

Belizean Powder Buns

Papas con Chorizo

Gotta leave you with a picture. So, today for #TBT, here’s me last May successfully atop the mountains of the Annapurna, demonstrating my love of JIF peanut butter, my oh-most-favorite travel accessory.




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  • jo napot,hogyan allsz . I heard about your site from your Mom & decided to check it out , I,ve added it to my favourites & will peruse it occasionally because damn I do like to eat ,sometimes too much . Sorry to hear about your Grandma .

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