Buddha Break: My Life in Pictures

My life lately.  

I wake up and my mind scrolls through a seemingly endless to-do list, all while my post-it note social calendar continues to fill. My back starts to reach the end of its tether from too many yoga classes from which, despite the occasional stabbing pain, I can’t seem to stay away.  Cooking becomes a chore, lunches fail to be packed, and dinner becomes little more than apples and crackers.  

Work has been busy and life have been busy and I’ve been busy and when I start to get cranky about all things that are not my bed, reading for fun and Netflix I know it’s time to go on a vacation. So, I am.

I echo the thoughts of so many when I say Old Man Winter is really getting me down. It’s a big deal for me to say this since it’s atypical for me, Little Buddha or Mama Buddha to complain about the cold because we spend three months a year crying about the heat. Seventeen years of living south of the Mason-Dixon does that. However, each one of us has cracked, and while we leave Little Buddha behind, Mom and I are looking for a fix of Vitamin D, stat.

I apologize to all my Midwest/East Coast/Canada friends, but I, like many of the huddled frozen masses, am heading to Florida. Disney World, to be exact. For the Food Blog Forum. Talking about food 24/7 at my second favorite place on earth is probably the most fun thing ever for me at this point, so I’ll take it.

To show you that I haven’t been completely slacking in terms of kitchen exercises, I figured I’d do something a little different and show you my life lately through the lens of my Samsung.

Frozen tundra…


…requires Chocolate Cobbler.


I attended a pot luck and went bearing S’mores cupcakes, mostly so I could use my blow torch and feel like a bad ass.


I played around and made some tasty coconut candies,


And treated myself to a lovely lemon poppy seed brunch.


I made orange carrot cupcakes for Oscar,


And tonight for dinner, a pre-trip clean out the fridge buffet of random.



However, I think all the food groups have been covered.

I’ll be back in action next week to finish up Northwestern South America with some arepas, which I’ve thus far neglected despite being quite excited to try, before moving south down the coast. And, I have a special St. Patrick’s Day treat filled with booze and chocolate and more booze. I’m excited already.

Have a good week!

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4 thoughts on “Buddha Break: My Life in Pictures”

  • I am insanely jealous of your vacation…I don’t really get the allure of Disney for adults (but whatever floats your boat) but some warmth sure would be nice.

    I totally also had dull yet sharp yoga related back pain; it kind of went away on Monday and didn’t even think of it till you mentioned yours. Huh. Thanks goodness, it was awful. 25 minutes early to yoga tomorrow to lay in a hot room for me tomorrow.

    • Objectively, I totally get why Disney is horrible. Subjectively, I can’t deny my feelings 🙂 Warmth will be nice though. Even though I think it’s only 70, that is 50-60 degrees warmer than it is here. I’ll take it.

      I hurt my back a few years ago stupidly doing a 30 day yoga challenge and it has never been the same. I just love it so much though, I need these vacations to force me to stop.

    • Well, it was pretty cold and rainy for a few days, but it was 35 degrees warmer than it was when I got home, so I’m not complaining!

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