Eat the World Showcase

I’m home! WOO!!!!

Was that convincing? No?  Probably because I didn’t really mean it. While the adult part of me craves the routine of home, the kid that won’t grow up wants to stay in Neverland forever.

20150227_121750 20150227_144203


Aren’t they amazing? Flower and Garden Festival this week.

Since I already wrote you a long love letter to Disney a few months ago, I’ll keep my thoughts on the subject brief this time.

I was down in Orlando for the Food Blog Forum and it was so fun. The funnest. A big shout out to all the folks that made the weekend magical by going above and beyond anything I could have expected, particularly Scott and Jaden from Steamy Kitchen, and Diane and Todd from White on Rice.

PicMonkey Collage

So much good food. Belly full.

One of the fun things we got to do, besides eat, obviously, was a food scavenger hunt through the four parks. I was hesitant to do it (sounds exhausting, doesn’t it?), but when I told Mama Buddha about it she was like, “Um. We HAVE to do it.”



The reason I am so Disney-ized.

After scouting locations through rain, shine, tired feed and a little bit of crankiness, we managed to finish the task at Epcot with a lot of time to spare, and capped off the day with some alcoholic beverages, a mango margarita for Mom and a crisp Strongbow for me.


Turns out, all the effort was worth it because…WE WON!

Meet Mickey, the newest addition to my kitchen.


WOOOO! (That was genuine.)

What I realized this trip is that Disney food is so much more than just Dole Whip and turkey legs (I love you, Dole whip and turkey legs!). As it relates to my purposes, as we ate our way through the World of Nations, I relived the deliciousness of countries-cooked past, some cooked years ago, or some not at all. So, to march into March like a lion, and to refresh myself before hitting the rest of South America hard, I’m cooking the World Showcase and revisiting the favorites with some dishes new, some oldies remade. In any case, eating the world, just as it should be.


Caramel Apple Crunch Gelato. NBD.


This is the menu for the next little bit:

For Canada and Francemaple crème brulee

For England and Germany…bangers and mash German Chicken sandwich with Beer Braised Mustard Onions

For Morocco…vegetable bastilla

For China…cucumber salad

For Italyshrimp risotto

For the US of Aa red, white and bleu salad Drive in Movie Popcorn

And…maybe Norway and Japan. We’ll see how we go.


* In case you were wondering…this is not a sponsored or paid post, nor was it a paid vacation, and all opinions are mine.  I really do love Disney this much, and all costs of this vacation were borne by me (sad face).*

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