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Hello, spring. It’s about bloody time.

My weekend was a blank slate, and the perfection that was happening outside was just the thing to set the scene. The unobstructed sunshine created the perfect canvas on which to paint the town, and it was almost sacrilege to stay inside, so I didn’t. After a spontaneous, much-needed-but-very-painful-massage, I spent the rest of the afternoon yesterday in my most favorite way: reading under the the sun with a cafe au lait and mini meringue. After finishing my book, I moseyed down one of my favorite neighborhood streets, lined with the perfect blend of boutiques and cafes, searching for a few upcoming birthday and mothers’ day treats.

The weekend also had a certain buzz to it…Chicago was ready to party. Probably due in part to Derby Day, partly due to the big fight, and the rest early revelers in Cinco de Mayo. And for that, today I’m bringing you my first recipe roundup.

I know! I can’t believe I haven’t done one ever. I think I’d always felt that I didn’t have enough in my online recipe box to come up with a good enough list, but after almost three years and over 300 recipes, it turns out that I have more than enough resources at my disposal to craft many a themed dinner party, so let’s start with Cinco de Mayo.

Ignoring the constant tug of war in my head and stomach between Mexican and Middle Eastern food for the distinction of my favorite cuisine, I’m going to merely state that all of the below named dishes are my favorites in one way or another. Elements of each make me want to make them over and over. Breakfast, lunch, desserts or dinner, I’ve got any Cinco de Mayo celebration covered with these Mexican dishes. To add to the party, I’ll be making a few new ones later this week- grandma recipes all, so hold on to your butts.

1.  Papas con Chorizo


2.  Machaca con Huevos



3.  Blueberry Walnut Guacamole


4.  Ancho Chile Fish Tacos


5.  Oaxacan Lamb Barbacoa


6.  Mole Poblano


7.  Frijoles Borrachos


8.  Sopa de Lima


9.  Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes


10.  Cajeta Shortbreads



(Don’t want to make these? You can buy them here!) 

After at least three weeks of cooking Mexico, there’s more than these ten dishes to enjoy, so hit up the Mexico or Central America tag on the sidebar for more ideas!

Side note:  The book I finished, The Sweet Paris Life in Paris by David Leibowitz, was super foodie nerdy, and hilarious, and left me wanting to make and eat all things French and chocolate. Bastille Day’s coming up later this summer, so I’ll be able to scratch this itch, and you all will benefit from the insanity.

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