Spicy Chicken and Sausage Pasta

Spicy Chicken and Sausage Pasta


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Hey party people!

Sorry for the radio silence.  Life has gotten in the way of the kitchen and admittedly it’s been a nice break.  Despite putting nothing on these pages, I’ve been anything but hungry.  The opposite. Stuffed to the gills, actually.

Mom came into town for mother’s day and it was nice to do nothing but eat, relax and eat some more. The weather was pretty crap, so we did spend a lot of the weekend in the house on the couch, which given both of our normal go-go-go lifestyle, was welcome on both of our parts.  Mom, 10+ years too late, has finally jumped on the Harry Potter bandwagon, so we watched the first five movies over the span of three days.  That’s how we roll.

Also, how we roll, we ate our way through the weekend. Always a good thing. Friday night we hit up her favorite tapas place, Café Baba Reeba for some quick bites and sips and then Saturday we went to the Peninsula for fancy tea- my favorite thing ever. What is it about finger sandwiches that makes them so irresistibly edible?


Sunday for actual Mother’s Day I had Fava, Legume, Lima and Tomato over for brunch with some cardamom pistachio cinnamon rolls and everyone’s favorite, Shakshuka. If you hadn’t thought of making this for brunch before, I highly recommend you consider it next time. Big hit all around.

Speaking of revisiting some old favorites, I’m going to do that today, but let’s twist it up a bit because that’s more fun.


Remember that shrimp creole from Belize? Well, what if we did this:

Shrimp Creole – Shrimp + Chicken + Sausage –Rice + Pasta +/- a few spices here and there…




Looks like we got ourselves a new dish. Magic-like.


You can find the recipe for this Spicy Chicken and Sausage Pasta over at HGTV.



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    • Shakshuka is never at the front of my mind, but whenever I make it, I realize it should be!! I am not a pasta person, but this was a jaw dropper for sure.

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