Sunday Somethings


Hello, Sunday.

I hope you all had a most glorious weekend full of sleeping in, filling brunches, long walks, deeps talks and fluffy pancakes.

How was your week? These are the deepest thoughts that came out of mine:

So National Donut Day came and went and I must confess..I don’t really like donuts. I like sour cream glazed just fine but otherwise…meh.  I’m sorry if this makes you like me less, but I have to be honest about my feelings.  Does this mean I get kicked out of the food blogger club? It might.  When is National Bread Pudding Day? Because I’m all over that one.

Do you have a night weapon? My volleyball team and I were discussing this and no one else seemed to have one. I’ve had my grandmother’s large wooden rolling pin at the ready next to my bed since I moved into my apartment four years ago. #Paranoid 

Prince George and Princess Charlotte.  My heart smiles

Sheryl Sandberg’s Facebook post was absolutely heart-crushing.  The Big Buddha died 4 1/2 years ago, and I’m pretty sure if you ask Mom it doesn’t get any easier.

I realized last week that I am the same age as Lorelai Gilmore was at the start of Gilmore Girls.  When I watched it when it was actually on, I was the same age as Rory. Oy vey.   

Related: I got Mom into it and she’s plowing through Netflix.  And this happened. Happy Gilmore!

Proof that the internet can be good, and that fairy tale moments do exist.

Are you paleo? On the fence? Before you decide, read this. The funniest thing I read all week.

This whole situation makes me want to quit the United States and I don’t even have children yet, despite being Lorelai’s age.

I’ve eaten all of the ice cream in my freezer and I’m not allowed to make any more for a very long time. So maybe like, two weeks?  Until then, what should I bake?

The Whole Foods by me has this 5 after 5 thing on Fridays from 5-7. Five dollars, 5 tastings of wine with food pairing. This past Friday, I ran in for some milk and came home accidentally wasted an hour later. WASTED. Tastings, no- those were some heavy pours. So, good times…to be repeated possibly every week.

Poor Blackhawks. #OneGoal #BecauseItstheCup

And finally, in my wanderings yesterday, I came across a brand new bookstore that sells only cookbooks, Read it & Eat! And they have cooking classes and a book club coming soon!!  Oh, we got trouble here in River City.

Have a good week!


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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Somethings”

  • Hahaha doughnuts make me want to cry. I love them (sorry…), but the frying part grates on my nerves. I stand there tense the whole time which makes me so mad because it’s supposed to be relaxing.
    This is a great list!

    • I think that’s the major issue with making them (because Lord knows I love to bake). I’ve only deep fried things once, and that was when I made paczkis this year for Fat Tuesday. It’s ok that you love them. We can still be friends- thanks for stopping by!

  • I pretty much live in the city with the lowest per-capita crime rate in Ontario, so no night weapon. I’ve never even thought of it.
    Those wee Royals are just the cutest!!

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