Sunday Somethings


True story. #ChrissyProblems

Hello, Sunday.

How are you?

My weekend was pretty lazy, which was lovely.  Apple Crisp and I were supposed to go hang gliding yesterday but our outing was postponed due to the threat of inclement weather. When one’s feet intend on leaving the ground, better be safe than sorry. Instead, we brunched at Trellis and I decided to run some errands after. Problem: it was HOT with a thousand persent humidity which meant it felt a bajillion degrees. In other words, my own personal hell. My whole body expands like the marshmallow man and my hair looks like Hermione Granger of The Sorcerer’s Stone. I hate it- there’s a reason I spent every waking moment in the pool growing up in Florida. I arrived home, covered in sweat and crabbiness, but at least I got some new throw pillows.

Other than that, Grape and I were out dancing the night away for a bachelorette party last night, so I’m looking forward to a Sunday with my feet up reading as the rain drizzles outside. I hope yours is equally cozy and relaxing.

Here’s what I found interesting this week…

We often hear government issued travel warnings when we’re set to travel abroad, but what do other countries’ governments say about us? To sum it up, everyone here in the U.S. carries a gun, obviously, a no one seems to have a sense of humor, so bite your tongue lest you be confronted with our aggressive behavior, especially by the police.  Rats and other vermin run rampant in NYC, so beware, but should you get bitten, come home and seek medical treatment because it’s too expensive to be treated in America.  The good news is that public restrooms are everywhere and you can pee for free.  The funniest warning, issued in Japan states, “though America is blessed with many public parks and places to exercise, over-eating and lack of exercise make many people in America fat, and the Japanese traveler must take precautions to avoid this fate.”  

On Thursday I decided to give my Backstreet Boys Pandora station a listen and it was the best decision I made all week. The first song to come on?  Always be my Baby by Mariah. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t get up and dance to that immediately.

Has anyone seen Jurassic World? I really want to see it. I loved the original so much and still remember how terrified I was when the dude got eaten on the toilet. Took me years to finally watch it.  Enter thoughts below.

Clearly not all Nobel Prize winners are smart.  These comments were an affront to all the brilliant women scientists out there, including the M.D.s, Ph.D.s, biologists, chemists, engineers, and immunologists that make up my circle of friends.  Good thing some of us are smart enough to come up with the perfect response. We are all #distractinglysexy.  

Chicago was named one of the best food cities! I couldn’t agree more. Come eat with us!

Do you remember sitting down with up to five hours of homework a night as a kid? I do.  Stop the madness. Let kids be kids.

Posing with statues is one of my favorite vacation pastimes. These folks nailed it. 

The Blackhawks are still in it to win it! #OneGoal #BecauseItsTheCup

Christopher Lee. An amazing life and career.

And finally, is wanderlust genetic? Some think so.  Seems to be in my family of four, but lacking on the Y chromosome.

Have a good week!

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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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Sunday Somethings

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Somethings”

  • That photo/quote is the best! So so true.
    I hung out with my Dad for most of yesterday; woke up nice and early and beat the rain to get photos for work and do my grocery shopping. Pork is braising, chicken is baking, pico is chillin – pork tacos and asian chicken salad and lots of guac is on the menu this week.

    Now, baseball and listening to the rain and hopefully my body remembers we’re in GMT-5 again and not GMT-7 anymore sooner than later.

    • Tomato gave it to me for my birthday one year. Fitting, sadly.

      What a nice weekend! You have done a much better job than I have of formulating a tasty menu for the week. We have some zucchini noodles (first time!) and pork scallopini. The rest is TBD. The good news is that I also made a pound cake. Good luck on the time change! That is rough.

  • That travel article is amusing. Basically – “America: Come for the public restrooms, don’t stay for the health care.”

    • Is it sad that the best we can offer is bathrooms? Come to America! You can get fat, get sick or get killed! I feel bad that Canada is probably lumped into this. No reason to blame Canada for our missteps.

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