Sunday Somethings

Hello, Sunday.

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was great and the good vibes continue. Lettuce is here for the weekend and yesterday we met up with Meatball, Tomato and Lima for a long day of brunch, sun, shopping, and drinks.

Meatball and Lima just got new jobs, so we made brunch a fancy affair and enjoyed the rooftop Terrace at The Conrad Hotel. In the words of Lima, #swankswank


This is how we brunch.

So…the week. Let’s get into it.

Do you believe in apartment feng shui? I’m skeptical, but Lettuce was HORRIFIED when she discovered that I kept KNIVES in my “love corner” (which, apparently, is in my kitchen). We remedied that immediately with a red ribbon. Finally, the answer to why I’ve been single all these years.

How awesome is Alan Rickman (and Jimmy Fallon, for that matter)? Also, why does helium make your voice higher? Check this out. Science, ya’ll.

On a serious note, thoughts and prayers to all those in Charleston. When will it stop? How will it?

Helen Mirren and sexism in Hollywood. Telling it like the badass she is.

We’re in the midst of another extinction, one of our own doing. Does that surprise anyone?

This is life after 30. All of it. The question I ask myself the most: Can I cash it out and move to a far away island? Would my parents kill me? And yes that third glass of wine will kill you come tomorrow.

Who has seen Jurassic World. Thoughts?

YAY BLACKHAWKS.  And Kris Versteeg won the best picture contest.

That’s all I got. Do you believe in apartment feng shui?  Stay tuned to see if this change significantly improves my love life.  Also, I promise to read more non-buzzfeed articles next week to share.  I just love those stupid quizzes.

Finally, Happy Father’s Day to all out there!  You’re loved by all those you father.



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  1. I read about the rhino’s last week; and even though they are a little strange and dirty, I wouldn’t want them to disappear. Hunters/poachers are the worst.

    Your knives are still in your kitchen though, right? Like, in the non-love corner? Near the sink? Nothing lovely happens near the sink, but the oven on the other hand…..HAWT (yes, I laugh at my own jokes)

    #thisis30 – yes to pretty much all of them! meet you on the island??

    and that brunch looks amazing. FANCY!

    • I agree. My bro also sent me a pic from the let’s eat dogs festival in China and it was horrific.

      I had to keep my knives where they were. I mean, I have like a 15 x 15″ amount of counterspace with nowhere else to put them. Let hope the power of the ribbons is more than the power of the knives. As for the Hawt joke, I get you. Equal amounts of cheesiness over here.

      Yes about the island, but perhaps a European island. I think it’ll be less hot and humid than in the Caribbean.

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