Sunday Somethings


Hello, Sunday.

What a week, what a week.

Mine was unexpectedly hectic; my grandma passed away Monday morning at the ripe age of 92. It wasn’t a surprise, but that fact doesn’t really make it any easier, does it? Still, I think when the road of life is long and well-traveled, there’s only one course to chart when it ends- the celebratory one, to celebrate a life truly lived.  So goes the last of the grandparents. 

It was nice to be home, surrounded by family and friends of our family that I had no idea we even had.  It kept me disconnected from the realities of work for a few days, which was welcome and rejuvenating, despite the circumstances.

On the flip side of this week’s coin, last night my two very dear friends, Raisin and Raisinette got hitched!  Despite the horrid heat and humidity, the party went on in an explosive fashion, mixing American and Arabic traditions in a way that I’d never before experienced and, I have to say, it was a total blast.  I feel like others’ cultures out-party us Americans tenfold.  Perhaps a level of partying to which we should all aspire.  

Lack of computer face time this week means not so much reading material for you. Sorry about that, but I did manage to squirrel away a few nuggets, so let’s get into it.

First off, today is National Ice Cream Day. Go out and get you some free stuff.

This bear broke into a bakery and left only the strawberry rhubarb pie in tact.  A bear after my own heart (you know how I feel about pie, and strawberry rhubarb is definitely a no-go on my list).

Guns are still a big problem. How, if ever, are we going to fix it?

In an interesting turn of events, this girl was almost kicked off a plane for being too white.

This professor’s extra credit conundrum is awesome. Of course, I wasn’t one of his students…

I can barely turn on the stove to cook, let alone bake. Solutions.

And finally, your Harry Potter post for the day.  All the life advice I learned from Harry Potter.  Dumbledore wasn’t the only wise one.

(Sorry, next week less things that come from Hello, Giggles, though I know you secretly love it)

Have a good week!

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