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I’ve really been lucking out on finding other people to feed me so that I don’t have to cook, and the food Monday night at Nomi Kitchen was so good that it was worth telling you about it, just in cases you ever make your way to Chicago.

Side note: You know at the end of Love, Actually when Aurelia said she learned English “just in cases”? I can’t help myself from wanting to say the same thing every time I say “just in case” because it’s just so darn cute. Some of my peeps get it, but everyone else just thinks I have really bad English.  Anyway…

I don’t do restaurant recaps other than when I travel and I realized recently that it was a bit of a shame given that I live in one of the great food cities in the world (I don’t exaggerate; we were home to the James Beard Awards, 2015).  Chicago’s restaurant scene is booming, and if I’m going to spend words telling you about the crab shack by the sea in Olympia, I should give some love to the places I frequent back home. Don’t worry; neither my wallet or my waistline affords this luxury often, so I’ll still be heavy on the home cooking, but every once is a while, it’s nice to get Out and About.

So, in the inaugural post for the new Out and About series, let’s talk about last Monday night and the most wonderful sushi dinner I had at the NoMI Kitchen’s rooftop garden at the Park Hyatt off Michigan Avenue thanks to the Windy City Blogger Collective.


According to Robin, who is lovely by the way, the sushi menu has actually been available at NoMI since its inception, but hasn’t gotten an overhaul until now. I can’t say that I’d ever had it before, but I can say that I will most definitely be back again. Here’s the rundown:


Let’s start with a drink.


Or two. Or three.



My favorite of all of these was the first picture above- a banana-coconut concoction.  The banana liquor made me a bit skeptical because…who likes fake tasting banana? No one, but this was smooth and creamy without any sort of banana aftertaste (Note to Runts- no one eats the little plastic bananas…stop making them).

The sparkling rose sangria was also very nice, but, full disclosure, I didn’t try the watermelon cucumber cocktail. Because, you know, melon aversion.

Next, the opening act.


Salmon Tataki




 Sashimi Platter


Hands down, the ceviche was my fave. I do love me some sashimi, but this ceviche was somehow different than most I’ve had. It still had that citrus background, but I didn’t find it as harsh as I’ve had with others in the past.

And then, a little rock and roll.



All the Dragon, Tiger and Garden Rolls were so good, but the Tiger won the day.


It all ended with a sweet finale.


Raspberry Greek Yogurt 


Cherry Tart 

Upon first bite, I favored the raspberry, but kept gravitating towards the sesame wafer.

Could. Not. Stop. Eating.

So. Full.

Overall it was a great evening with some of the freshest sushi I’ve had in the city. Expertly crafted and elegantly presented.

Thanks again to NoMI and Windy City Bloggers for keeping me well fed.

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2 thoughts on “Out and About: NoMI Kitchen”

  • Note to Runts: people DO eat the banana ones. It’s me. I do. Mostly because I fear I’ll break a tooth on the others, but still. Did you have banana penicillin as a kid? That was the greatest?

    I can’t even with your melon aversion, but whatever.

    (I bet you’re now convinced I have the worst taste ever and you’re thinking “remember when I said you can come visit and I’ll feed you? Yah, no. You can’t come because you eat horrible food” To which I’ll remind you you ate raw fish. Which is awful.)

    • No, we had some weird penicillin that was pink. It tasted…like bubble gum. I still think you should come visit. It’s pretty easy to steer clear of banana runts (when did I even see them last?), melon and raw fish. and easy to steer clear OF ice cream, cookies, bread and those sorts of things. So, this is just proof that we’re not twins, but could still be friends 🙂

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