Sunday Somethings


Hello, Sunday.

After Friday’s feast, I spent much of the rest of the weekend in the ‘burbs, first house sitting with Kettle Corn, then checking out Apple Crisp’s new digs on my way back into the city.  I have to say that it was really nice to escape for some peace and quiet, to a land where the nights are pitch black, and the only sounds that you hear are the chirp of the locusts and the chatter of your own thoughts.  And as I drove down my street, bumper to bumper with cars dodging construction and pot holes, I wished myself back to yesterday.

Funny how the things at which we so vehemently scoff we later come to embrace. One of the ironies of adulthood.

Speaking of adulthood, this week I creep a little bit closer as I gain another year this Friday.  However, age is just a number, and I’m determined squeeze in a little fun this week.  And, speaking of fun, here’s what made me laugh, cry and ponder this week.  But let’s not talk politics; all of that business seems so uncivil:

It is 2015, right? RIGHT?

IMO, every song should be Do-Wopped.

My love for choreographed dances will never cease.

Top things you’ll regret when you’re old (what is old, anyway?).  While I’m not yet that old, I agree with most on this list.

I don’t think I’m old, since I still want toys.

Another way that Netflix is changing the way that we be. Bravo! Who’s next??

The never-ending vacation. Not my reality, but for others‘ braver than I.

It was amazingly pleasant all week here in Chicago. If the temp ever reached this hot, I’d spontaneously combust.

Science, ya’ll.  Look to the sky. Meteor shower this week!

Think before you ink.

All the feels.

And finally, perhaps the cutest dog-bear ever.

Have a good week!

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  1. you KNOW I love that dog-bear. Laura was recently telling her coworker, “you know Kristen Bell and the sloths? that’s my sister and bears”. I just love them so much. Except for the whole “a bear can eat me” thing.

    Everything SHOULD be do-wopped.

    That porch hammock looks like the most perfect way to spend an afternoon!

    • I like the way hippos look and they are like, the meanest animal ever. So I get it. The dog-bear, I want it!

      Hammock= perfection. I want that too.

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