Sunday Somethings


Hello, Sunday.

I’m going to say what everyone is trying to deny: Summer is almost over.  Backpacks are being packed and summer vacations are winding down.  

I’m leaving finally leaving for my late-summer vacation in less than two weeks and despite all the things I think I should be doing to set sail smoothly…I have done none. I’ve been out and about playing in the streets (in the non-prostitute sense) and trying to stay foot-loose and fancy free for as long as possible.

After some patio time Friday night, I did manage to run errands after a very long walk yesterday before a cooking lesson and movie time with Kettle Corn last night. Dance ’till Dawn, perhaps the best made for TV movie of the 80’s was the order of the day. If you can track it down, I implore you to watch it. You’ll love it, and maybe secretly hate yourself for how much you love it.  It’s the original She’s All That.

But really we shouldn’t be inside watching movies. That’s for November.  For now, let’s make the best of every last second of every sunny day and spend them outside on the beach, in the beer gardens, at the street festivals.

Go forth and play.

But first, I found lots at which to gawk this week. Here we go:

Having never taken engagement pictures, I’m not sure how I feel about them, but these couples nailed it.  Lettuce and Yam swear I’m #12.

Do we need more evidence for why we need family leave? Come on, people!

Ashely Madison. A sad state of affairs, no pun intended. Clearly those on it should have realized the humans are too stupid to pull that kind of thing off for long.

I’m sorry to admit that this did prompt discussion amongst me and the girlfriends. Apparently how you clasp your bra says something about your personality.  Lettuce and I are in the minority as back claspers.

I’m over thirty! Say it loud, say it proud.  #BadassWomen #ThisisThirty.

Speaking of #BadassWomen, Heidi Klum, my girl crush, is totally one.

…and so is Kerry Washington.

…and let’s not forget our new Army Rangers.  The most elite of all.

Call me cold-hearted, but I agree that participation trophies should not be a thing. Earn it!

Vacation ideas, for your back pocket.

and finally, Beauty and the Beast.  Life lessons.

Have a good week!

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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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