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Hello, Sunday.

Well, how’d the week go?  Mine was busy, but of full of fun and/or spontaneous things.  A delicious dinner at Moe’s.  Early morning SUP with Grape.  My fantasy football draft.  Book club.  And as I made my coffee this morning, a vanilla bean accidentally feel into it.  A sure sign of good things to come.

I leave for Iceland and London (#IceLondon) in T-5 days and I’m chomping at the bit with excitement. But first, the week must be earned with a few things left to do at work and at play before I leave on a jet plane.  

And oh dear, I must pack.

I found a few things here and there this week that made me not want to cry ugly tears, despite the seemingly horrible news everywhere.  Let’s discuss:

I like to think of myself as a pretty well-rounded cook, and this list from the Kitchn shows that we can all be well-rounded cooks.  Even if you think you can’t, you can!

The death of a true champion.  Rest in peace, Amelia Boynton.

The Ultimate Harry Potter tour. Sign me up!

Wedding day is not always a happy day. A heartbreaking photo.

TV things:  Betty White on Bones!  Squinterns rejoice!

Double standards are everywhere.  This one really woke me up this morning.

Free college tuition? Yes, we really could make it a reality.  Why don’t we?

I love hippos the way that Bread Biscuit loves bears.  Like, I wanted to somehow create a logo for the blog of a hippo eating a globe, but didn’t think that best conveyed the essence of what I’m doing here.  Despite the love, they are sort of mean. Today’s animal video proves that there are nice hippos out there, too.

“The only way to prevent a hangover is to drink less alcohol.” Um, ya think? I’m pretty sure other areas of science need our attention.

And finally, some Eagles a cappella.  You love it.

Have a good week!

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