Sunday Somethings


Hello, Sunday.

Woo! Vacation!

A beautiful thing.  But before I left Friday night I did spend a whole week doing real life work at my real life job. It’s not all play over at HB headquarters, despite the impression I sometimes give.  I’m happy to report that I left with a nearly empty inbox, a sight I haven’t seen in ages.  That alone was pretty cathartic.  

While it’s vacation time for me, in a way it’s also going to be vacation time for you.  To give you all a break from my ramblings, I’ve asked some of my bests to guest post for the next few weeks; to share some of their favorite recipes and some of their stories.  I’m excited that you’ll finally get to meet some of the food-named friends that have graced many an entry.

They are my family, and they make this crazy life worth living.  So, get excited. They’re good people and I think after meeting them, you’ll want them to be your friends, too.

Before we get to that, internet things.  Let’s go:

Apparently cooking style is one way the Sorting Hat does it’s job at Hogwarts. All signs from this one point to Gryffindor.  Roar.

Related:  Real life Hogwarts!  You can judge, or you can come with me.

Wise children’s books.  These quotes gave me chills and made me want to go back and reread all of them. What would you think if you saw a 30-something woman reading a Dr. Suess book?  Perhaps it’s a good conversation starter, “What do you think about this whole situation in Who-ville? Isn’t it a nightmare?” (Bonus points if you get the reference)

Why are we letting polio still be a thing?  Unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to have access to the vaccine, but if we let a polio outbreak hit the U.S., it’s our own stupid fault.  We require our dogs to get their shots, let’s get ours, too.

Kermit definitely has a more exciting dating life than I do.  And apparently a new girlfriend.  He was too good for Piggy, IMO.

(Yes, I just linked to an article about Kermit the Frog’s new girlfriend. Yup.)

Related:  What two religions tell us about dating. While neither Mormon nor Jewish, I think my single ladies and I would agree that it’s a numbers game.

Cuteness.  Seals like belly rubs, too.

Violence against women is never okay. Why do these 10 year old boys know what some grown men don’t?

The Syrian migrant crisis. So tragic and heart-crushing.  May we all always remember to be grateful.  

Trendy ethnic food?  I can relate to this; I remember eating weird smelling food as a kid and being embarrassed by it…and now that same food is the basis for this blog.  I think it’s a good thing, but this author seems a little bitter about it. The only thing that makes me sad about it is that oxtails now cost a fortune.

Hot doctors are nice. I went to high school and college with #7.  Congrats, Adam.

And finally as I’m galavanting around Europe, I need to remember to be thankful, because travel is indeed the greatest privilege.  

Have a good week!

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  1. OK, Kermy was WAY TOO GOOD for Miss Piggy. Maybe she’s mellowed with age but I doubt it.

    Loving the #IceLondon pics so far – sucks that you got sick on the boat the other night 🙁

    Looking forward to a few weeks of guest posts and getting to know more of your blogger loves.

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