Sunday Somethings


Hello, Sunday.

I’m back, but just for today. I’m not really back. As you’re reading this, Lettuce and I are currently living the London life, and no doubt after three days of being here, I’m plotting ways to be able to stay here forever.  I’m pretty sure I’m winking like mad at every tall, sexy British man that walks by me. Hopefully they think I’m one of those cute, charming Americans that would make the most perfect wife.  Most likely, they think I have something in my eye.

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know my friends.   They really are quite awesome and I’m so happy that I’ve gotten to share them with you. Hopefully you now feel like they’re your friends, too.  More introductions to come, but for today’s Sunday Somethings, because I haven’t been sitting at a desk all day, a little something different. Biscuit posted this a month ago and I thought it was cute and I saved it in my mind just for this Sunday’s post.

I hope you enjoy it, and add your answer in the comments below!  

Now, excuse me.  I only have one day left to execute my plan. Must get to work.  Wink, wink.

favorite way to begin the day: coffee, warming my hands, cozy under a blanket watching the Today Show.

i wish i knew how to: speak more than one language. 

guilty pleasure: lying on my floor, reading all day long. only meal breaks.  also, massages.

dream purchase for your home:  the perfect cozy chair, like the ones they have at my favorite coffee shops.

coffee order: cafe au lait; blond roast, 2% milk.

dream vacation: bike trip through New England in the fall; crisp air where all I need is jeans and a long sleeved shirt; staying at quaint B&Bs and eating all my favorite fall foods along the way.

if you could have lunch with one woman who would it be: mom. it’s so cheesy, but she is just the best lunch companion. and dinner companion.  the any occasion companion.  i wish we lived closer.

life motto: be kind. you never know what the person across from you is going through.

Aiden or Big: neither. what about #TeamJake?

book you can read again and again: Can You Keep a Secret? Got me through a whole summer of backpacking through Europe. I think Yam, Tomato and Andouille would concur.

most loved item in your closet:  my pink hoodie. it’s so perfectly worn and i can’t wait to bust it out as soon as the weather chills.  

best organizing tip: i am not the best person to be passing along organizing tips…

i wish i could: travel as work.

dream purchase for your office: well, i have a cube, so how about a door?

flowers or chocolates: flowers.

favorite season? fall.  in the midwest, that means the week between October 12-19. the leaves are always the perfect color; the air has the perfect amount of bite and the sky is that perfect shade of blue before it turns winter grey.  i’m serious on this.  look it up.

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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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Sunday Somethings

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Somethings”

  • Um….YES! yes to all of it! I really hope your winking is more sexy than eye twitch and it works!

    Travel AS work does indeed sound like the perfect plan. And fall IS the best.

    #teamjake! Why did I even choose Aiden. What’s wrong with me? Jake all day every day! Related: have you seen the Scandal promo? Where the efffffff is Jake? I’ve seen pics on the insta, he’s still around, thank goodness! I can’t suffer through more Olivia and Fitz nonesense, make jam, have babies. Or not. Just end the charade. (sooooo….#tvisreallife)

    Can’t wait to read the #IceLondon recaps

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