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Hello, Sunday.

Fall is in the air! Perhaps a bit of a delayed reaction, but I missed the first time fall was in the air here in Chicago because I was on vacation, and then this week summer had made a harsh and sticky return.  However, yesterday was the picture of perfection, and it seems this week will follow suit, and that makes me all kinds of happy. Bust out the sweats!  

I’m easing back into real life, my cold is getting better and I’m finally back into caring about being home.  I was in a serious post-vacation funk.  I just did not want to be home.  Does that happen to you?  And then I watched the news and before my eyes flashed all the horrible things vacation enabled me to forget.  London, take me back!

But then I remembered that I love my friends and I love my city, and that fun things are happening back here about which to get excited:  football, pot lucks, changing leaves and cooking allthefallfoods.  And you should get excited…lots of goodies to come.

Here are a few things I found this week.  Not too much, I was distracted by Sleepy Hollow and wading through pictures and my Bloglovin’ feed.

Ahmed Mohamed is getting his. After being wrongly arrested for being smart and curious, he’s now getting  calls from colleges (and the White House).  You go, Mohamed!

I sort of love these wedding photo selfies.  So creative.

The 100 best TV shows of all time according to The Hollywood Reporter.  I agree with most of it, especially #1, but if Castle made the list, why didn’t Bones?!?  #B&B4ever

There is enough hate and mean spiritedness on the internet, especially on Facebook.  It doesn’t need help.  DISLIKE!

The pope is making the rounds this week, hitting Cuba and the U.S. with strong words.  Necessary words.

The truth is out there. Are we alone?  Seems we might be.  No local alien civilizations found in this universe. 

From Biscuit, dating over 35.  I’m 37, Not a Missed Opportunity.  #Truth.

And finally, the Island of the Time Before.  A fascinating look into the way we were.

Have a good week!

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  1. Headed over to the dating over 35 article. Jay’s a jerk (48 and divorced with kids, what a surprise!). He goes on a first date and all he can talk about are his date’s chances of reproducing? Let’s complete the conversation and ask him to list all the reasons he couldn’t make his marriage work. I’ll get his list started, #1 he’s a jerk ….

    • Right? I saw no redeeming qualities in him. He that throws stones… And thanks! It’s only okay to be back. Would rather still be traipsing!

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