Sunday Somethings


Hello, Sunday.

Doesn’t he just look like the happiest gnome?  I do love gnomes. I got myself a gnome statue in Iceland and named him Stu. He just looks like a Stu.

It’s been a busy week but I finally, finally, feel like I’m myself again.  Jet lag is long gone as well as that pesky cold, and I feel like being social again rather than hiding away under a blanket on the couch.   And the kitchen dance parties have resumed.  All is well.

Productivity this weekend was off the charts and by the time you read this, my laundry is done, my house is clean and most of my food is cooked for the week.  High five to me, it’s time to play. It’s football season, after all.

Let’s go, Buffalo.  Squish the fish.

Before that gets going, let’s tuck in an talk about the somethings I found this week.

People can be horrible, but at least we get celebrity mean tweets out of it.

Related:  Raising the price of a drug 500% (FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT) is just an @$$hole move.

Science, ya’ll.  Why we crave certain foods.  Because chocolate chip cookies and Doritos are a biological imperative.  

More science, ya’ll. Because science is fun.  Four ways to be happy. Only four! Let’s get to it.  And now we can justify those massages.

Fun fact: I wear a dress almost every single day because I hate wearing pants.  Which means that waist training will never, ever be a thing for me. Nor should it for you.  

Someone got fired. Perhaps not the smartest thing to use the Nazi symbol for Yom Kippur.

Some take Nutella very seriously. Perhaps too seriously.  

Culture clash.  Permitting sexual abuse for the sake of international relations.  A hard look, and a difficult read.

TV things; Scandal is back, and after the premiere, I’m still #TeamJake.  Related- do you get attached to characters enough that you cry when they’re killed off?  The saddest TV deaths.  Definitely bawled my eyes out over Alan Birch, Mark Greene, Fred Berkle, Lance Sweets, and Finn Hudson.

Finally, a toxic work world.  Will it really ever change?  I dearly hope so.

Have a good week!

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    • I’m going to catch up this weekend! At least until then I have the picture on my fridge to stare at. Because that’s not creepy at all.

  1. and and – I have to go grocery shipping in a bit and I really don’t want to have to put on real pants. Even though I slept 11 hours last night but I’m still tired, want someone else to cook for me, have had 2 cups of coffee and want more, have a low grade dull headache, and a canker/cold sore on my lip from when they cracked because they were so dry.

    but, there is white bean stew on the menu for this week that i’ll make tomorrow and everything will maybe be ok.

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