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Serenity Now

Hello, Sunday.

How’s everyone doing?  It’s been a quite a nice weekend on my end. Though the blue-grey October sky has come and stayed, and my teams fought and lost some hard-won battles, I can’t complain too, too much (but perhaps a little).  Yesterday I turned over my closet in a statement of acceptance that fall is definitively here.  And I love it.

Spending more time in my apartment shielded from the cold more often as of late, I’ve started to mentally compile a winter to-do list:

Movies.  I see none.  Do you all ever avoid movies that you think you should watch but are so afraid of allthefeels that you stay away? That’s how I’m feeling right now about Everest. I mean, I was there, and the earthquake in Nepal really hit home. It looks SO good, but I just…can’t do it. Not yet anyway.  If you see it, I’d love to know your thoughts.

TV.  Anyone watch The Muppets yet?

Crafting.  Photo album-ing should be a priority. They take up so much time, but are so, SO worth it when done.  Do you scrapbook?

Baking. Let’s have a cake in the house all the time because insulation is key for the upcoming winter.

What’s your winter to-do list?

Unrelated:  throw out a compliment today. It might just make all the difference in someone’s day.

Now, the somethings.  Here you go:

So tragic.   Doctors without Borders killed in Afghanistan.  When very bad things happen to very good people.

Sad tears.  Rangers hug an orphaned gorilla. Everyone needs hugs. And often.

Happy tears.  Watch as woman burned as baby meets nurse who cared for her, and again we cry watching The Today Show.

More tears. True or not, here’s to the power of that compliment, or even just a small, seemingly-insignificant gesture.

Has the world really changed that much?? 17 Things from Friends that aren’t even things anymore. How old are we, really?

My girl crush, Kate Winslet, gives another example of why I know in my heart we’d be real-life friends.

And can we love Tom Hanks more than we already do?

 Science, ya’ll. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?  Secret of the Ooze?  Or just a biofluorescent turtle.  No, not CGI.  Glowing turtles.

And, a throwback tune to now get stuck in YOUR head (thanks to Sweet Pea), reintroducing Captain Vegetable.  Eat those greens!  And then maybe a little candy…because we’re grown-ups.

Have a good week!

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  1. I don’t scrapbook but I did give my girls blank recipe books last Christmas and asked they give them back to me so I can fill with my hand written recipes. Barely made a dent. Would be nice if I got the books finished by this Christmas! Thanks for the motivation Chrissy. Have a great week.

    • If I get invited to Kate’s house, you can come as my plus one and we can go to the bathroom together (not in the creepy way that that just sounded)!

  2. Well if that gorilla photo isn’t the most beautiful and most heartbreaking photo I’ve seen all day, and the missed connections is the most beautiful/heartbreaking thing I’ve read.

    Kate is amazing!

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