Fluffernutter, Four Ways: National Fluffernutter Day

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About three years ago, before I knew anything about anything, including how to take a proper picture, I introduced you to (or reminded you about) the wonder of the fluffernutter sandwich.  Peanut Butter. Marshmallow.  Melty-ness. You remember it. 

Today, for, #TBT, a re-introduction, because it’s National Fluffernutter Day.  And because sometimes rather than greens and lean protein and quinoa, we want the fat and sugar, and an excuse to call the most delicious combination of sugar and fat a legitimate meal. 

While a fluffernutter is an appropriate moniker for anything that combines peanut butter with marshmallow fluff, it’s most common form is in the aforementioned sandwich. 

My recipe for success is:  a layer of creamy, a few dollops of crunchy, swirled together with fluff and spread on toasted bread (because toasting the bread makes it all melty and extra delicious).

In an attempt to mix things up, I’ve come up for four alternative ways to eat a fluffernutter, to make your average fluffernutter over the top, should you aspire to be a tad more adventurous with your PB&M. 

Add some bacon.  Because bacon.


Use the good stuff.  Thick cut.  You know it.

Stuff your French Toast.


Feeling a little guilty? Add a little fruit.



Not feeling guilty at all? Add Nutella. Yes. 



Whatever way you spread it, the fluffernutter is sure to be your happiest sandwich.

(My favorite? The bacon one. )

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