See the World, Eat the World: Washington, D.C.’s 14th Street District


We live in distracted times, and end up with distracted minds.  We check our phones, our computers constantly. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. How many followers do I have? How many likes?

It’s become so much the new normal that it takes such a conscious effort- a test of wills- to disconnect. To not sign on, to not scroll down.  This past weekend I spent some time on a beach chair, staring endless blue; blue from the pool that bled into the bay which bled into the sky- for as long as I could see save for the smallest cotton ball cloud in the sky, and I couldn’t help but feel restless to go inside.


For what? To troll mindlessly on the internet?  I was mad at myself for being so, and knowing that I probably wouldn’t find myself in a similar state until December, I made myself sit my ass on that beach chair because dammit, I was going to enjoy every minute of the fresh air and sunshine and autumn warmth before it disappeared from my life, not to be seen again for months and months.

But why is it so darn hard?  Seems counter-intuitive and its seems that those quick weekend getaways to unplug and recharge are more necessary than ever to shut. it. down.


That’s neither here nor there.  

Moving on…before I landed in Cambridge for my girls’ weekend, I spent a few days in D.C.  I find myself in the Capital at least once a year, twice the past few, but rarely stay to pay any mind to the city itself.  It ends up being more of a stopover onto someplace more exciting or relaxing, and because Lettuce and Yam have lived there for at least 10 years, I often forget that D.C. in and of itself is a place to go and be, much in the same way that I take Chicago for granted as I push my way past the throngs of tourists that crowd Michigan Avenue during the summer months.  On this trip, I found myself with more time to dawdle than usual, and as I walked the Mall under the cloudless blue sky, surrounded by the monuments and museums, places of law and justice, I remembered that D.C. really is a pretty cool place to be.

A bit ago, Marie Claire published a quick guide of sorts to a perfect day according to Serena WilliamsBiscuit followed suit with a quick and dirty of Calgary, and after this trip, I borrowed the idea and sought the counsel of my girls to do the same for D.C.  However, a snapshot of D.C. in total, being quite large, seemed overwhelming, so my two favorite Washingtonians provided a snapshot of their D.C.

Both reside in the little area known as the 14th Street Historic District/the U Street Corridor.  Lined with the most adorable row houses, cute shops and restaurants, it’s the perfect strip of D.C. to explore once you’ve completed the sightseeing checklist, and you can’t fathom another minute in a museum.  


Photo credit © Lettuce

For morning coffee:  The Wyndown Coffee Bar or Peregrine Espresso.  I’ve been to both, and left each adequately buzzed. 

To indulge that sweet tooth:  Le Caprice Bakery.  Totally drool worthy.

For the must-do long, leisurely brunch: Masa 14 or B Too.  We went to B Too when I visited last year, and I can’t remember what we ate, but I remember loving every bite, and being jealous of everyone else’s plate.  Also, the vibe and decor made me want to sit there all day.
If you’re a little more artsy than rock and roll:  Busboys and Poets.  My pick: the Mediterranean lamb burger.  Drooling…
Now that you’ve eaten, time to shop!  
For kitchen or home decor:  Check out HomeRule for some cute and kitchy gadgets.
For an old-new dress:  Thrift shopping at Current.
For some to-die for accessories for your old-new dress:  LouLou boutique.  Also perfect for gifts for anyone that needs a gift!
To pregame with the girls, maybe?  Head to Cork for a nice selection of bottles for your choosing.
Now, a happy hour to wear your new, pretty things:  Marvin. Roof deck bar? Take me there.
If beer is more your thing:  Who doesn’t love a beer garden?  Check out Garden District.  Plus, BBQ!
If your beer snobbery runs deep:  Churchkey.
If it’s too cold for the roof or the garden:  2 Birds, 1 Stone.  
If you’ve had too much happy hour:  Amsterdam Falafel.  The perfect drunk late night food stop.
and finally…
If you need a greasy spoon the next day:  Ted’s Bulletin.
 Photo credit © Lettuce

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