Sunday Somethings


Hello, Sunday.

Well, we made it into a new week.  Well done all of us!  And while the air is most definitely brisk, the weather this weekend here in Chicago further supports my theory that the weekend of October 16-17-18, or however those dates may fall plus or minus a few days, is always, always the perfect fall weekend; the air is brisk, the leaves are that perfect shade of red and orange, and the sky is that certain shade of autumn blue.  

It’s the reason that I always choose this one to head back to campus for football, and yesterday as Tomato and I walked around a campus that has much changed in the 13 years since we left its hallowed halls, the magic in the air made us feels as if we were 21 again, and as we stood on the stadium bleachers shouting out the lyrics to “Shut up and Dance,” you’d have thought we were 21.  

We were standing alone. And singing alone.  Stone cold sober.  That’s how we do it.

On that note, great win last night, Irish. 

The internet taught us a lot of things this week.  Here are some:

First and foremost….Cubs Win! I don’t fancy myself a baseball fan, but I will support the home team.  Back to the Future predicted that the Cubs would win the pennant this year…and while that is still TBD, here are other Back to the Future predictions that have come true. #FlytheW

With women’s equality being at the forefront of…everywhere right now (as it should be), this article smartly reworked famous quotes, had they been spoken by a woman.  #HeForShe

Related:  What would happen if women were photoshopped out of politics?  A sad realization.  

Relating to something I posted a few Sundays ago, rather than handing out participation ribbons, we should instead be focusing on how to lose gracefully, the lessons learned from losing, and accept that is okay. 

There are those that climb Everest, and those that never come home.  

The other man in the photo, and a different kind of struggle.  A look at a forgotten hero.

Oklahoma City lost over a million pounds.  Maybe they can inspire the rest of us. 

A letter to your younger self.  What would you say? These woman’s words are inspiring and comforting, and ones that my younger self certainly needed to hear.

No more tipping! As a former waitress, I think this is an excellent way forward.  Rarely do poor tips reflect poor service.

Science ya’ll.  Blue lava.  It’s just very cool.

And finally, some cuteness.  Did you ever watch The Fox and the Hound as kids?  Remade in 2015 and entitled, The Bear and the Wolf.

Have a good week!

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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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Sunday Somethings

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Somethings”

  • The photos of the bear and the wolf are so touching. My kids watched the Fox and the Hound over and over again when they were young and I think we all have good friends that are different than us, opposites attract and we all balance each other out.

  • I think the internet ate my first comment…

    In a most ideal world, the Cubs and Jays would play in the World Series and I am not pleased how the Mets and Royals are making it that much harder. Time for a few home sweeps.

    Loved the hockey and Olympics articles; very interesting perspective on both.

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