Sunday Somethings


Hello, Sunday.

This week defeated me. I was out almost every night, and the drama going on at the job had me on edge and hyped up for those 40 hours.  

Thank God for weekends.

I got a little behind from what I had planned for you this week, but it’s okay because sleep, friends and cake took precedence.  All the good and necessary things for a happy life.  I hope that you also had the chance to enjoy these necessities.

Random: are you dressing up for Halloween? I don’t know. I have nothing planned, but suspect last minute  ridiculousness may arise.  What are you going to be?  And what is your opinion on candy corn? I’m a lover over here.

But, before we get into Halloween, I’ve got a few somethings to tell you this week, so here we are:

Remember when I told you about that jerk that hiked the price of an AIDS drug from $13 to $750/pill?  Well, proof that there are good people (and companies) out there, another drug company is offering the same for $1, as well as instituting a program to get people the drugs they need. Smiles.

Creepy. Study confirms that crocodiles sleep with literally one eye open. They’re always watching.  

Reason 10,095,401 why I need to move to London. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, aka “what happens next now that we’ve killed Voldemort” is opening on the West End. Take me there! And get me tickets. Please and thanks.

Other places you can take me:  Swiss mountain getaways. YES.

I don’t have a doorman, but I admit that it would be comforting to know that I always had someone watching out for me (besides crocodiles).  When the Doorman is Your Main Man.  Eggplant, though she has long since moved away, still visits hers from 6 years ago!

Genetics are pretty awesome.  These family lookalikes are unbelievable.

For all my smart and sexy single ladies:  here’s why we’re all still singing “All by Myself” ala Bridget Jones (wait, I don’t do that. Do you?).

TV things:  #HollowBones, the BonesSleepy Hollow crossover is happening this Thursday!  Squee!

Music things: Obsessed with Dan + Shay’s Nothin’ Like You.  Can’t. Stop. Listening.

Finally, in honor of upcoming Halloween, real life vampires. Yes, REAL LIFE (aka, not Twilight or True Blood). 

Have a good week!

Written to the tune of Andy Grammar’s “Honey I’m Good.”  You’re dancing now, aren’t you?

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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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Sunday Somethings

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Somethings”

  • Back in the day in my 20s, my roommate and I got an apartment downtown with a doorman. The rent was a little higher but since it was our first time moving away since college, we knew our parents would be comforted by the fact that we had a doorman and that was one of the reasons we chose it.

  • I love Honey I’m Good – so danceable!
    The genetics thing is awesome (though, Laura just found a photo where like Paul McCartney looks like he could be my Dad)
    Crocodiles – very creepy. They’re just strange animals

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