Mission Accomplished


I finished the world!  You’re probably all like, “who cares? Why do you keep saying it?” Well, for me, it’s a pretty big deal, and the cloudy day in September that I started this blog forever changed my world.  An idea borne out of memories of Irish deliciousness and lackluster cottage cheese has morphed into the big story that you’ve been following. Like people, it’s evolved into so much more than I ever thought it could be and rather than just being something that I do, it’s become something of which I’m extremely proud. It’s a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.  Because of it, I’ve gotten to do some amazing things (like my stint on the Today Show), attend some fun things (food blogger conferences), eat a lot of delicious things (remember this?) and meet some amazing people (near and far, too many to name). 

Naturally, an accomplishment like this deserves cake.


Vanilla on vanilla. I know you were wondering.

I’m sure most of my friends didn’t think my little hobby would stick and frankly, I’m not really sure I did either, but it’s because of you all, my lovely readers, that I kept going strong.  So, big thanks and high fives.  Seriously, THANK YOU.  I’ve welcomed you into my inconveniently tiny kitchen and shared so much of myself, for better or worse, that I’m glad you’re still interested because I’m really not always all that interesting. This blog ensures that at least my food is.

PicMonkey Collage

And I guess I also have cottage cheese to thank, for being so blah. And Ireland, really, for having such good food.

I feel like I’m starting my own version of Thank You Notes.

Moving on, though I’ve trekked my dotted red line, the journey continues.


So…what’s next?  Well, a lot! I’ve got big plans and goodies in store.  

Throwbacks, to remake and revamp some of the dishes I’ve already made.  Three years is a long time and we should all be reminded of good foods past.  Perhaps I’ll figure out a way to incorporate new flavors and tricks make them even better versions of themselves. Also, to rephotograph, because let’s be honest, my lame camera phone didn’t give Italy, Spain or France the respect it deserves. I mean, we eat with our eyes right?  Pictures of those early dishes would convince no one of their worth.

Twists, to turn some old favorites into new ones.  Sri Lankan curry burgers?  Vegetarian cassoulet?  I’ve got ideas.

And finally, just to recook some areas that got the brush. I admittedly did such a bad job of paying some countries due attention, and that must be remedied.

Looking into the rest of the fall, starting next week, I’ll be into all sorts of holiday fun, including a global sweet potato project, a Middle Eastern Thanksgiving and a few turkey day leftover makeovers.  

Sound good?  I think so.  I hope you keep sticking around.


Written while watching all the college football.  

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