Let Them Eat Leftovers: Thanksgiving Edition

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I don’t know about you, but I love leftovers.

It is quite possible my love for them comes from the fact that I inevitably eat them every day. Or, at least 4/7ths of the week.  Since I do what I do, and like so many of us with the 9-5+ existence, often times I have to make everything during precious weekend hours, so reheat and repeat is more often than not the way of my world. I don’t really mind, because we all know that a big pot of chili or hearty stew tastes better if it has a day to meld.

I do see your point, leftover-hater, because who wants to eat the SAME THING five days in a row?  Admittedly there are few dishes that don’t become repulsive by day four.  That’s why it’s important to be creative with leftovers and with 10 pounds of that 25 pound turkey leftover on Black Friday, creativity gets a gold star.

There are two ways to go about this. You can keep the same flavor profile of T-day and put it all back together and make something like my mom’s post-thanksgiving shephard’s pie or Monica’s famous sandwich with a moist maker.

Fine options, but you know how I roll, and I like to mix it up.


These are the good things I’m thinking of eating come Friday:  

Start the day off on a sweet and tangy foot with this cranberry smoothie.

Got extra dinner rolls? Dry them out a bit and make some bread pudding. I recommend chocolate, because chocolate.

Turn those heavy mashed potatoes into fluffy gnocchi.  Ditto with the butternut squash.

Better yet, waffles!

After slaving away all day roasting the turkey, give yourself a break and make a hearty, slow-cooker cassoulet with the leftovers.

Or make Taiwanese style dumplings like these geniuses.  

And don’t forget the Sri Lankan Turkey Curry or Pumpkin Pie Hotteok from last week.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope your day is full of family and friends, food and stretchy pants.

Written during parade preparations.

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