Sunday Somethings


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Hello, Sunday.

Here we go, team. It’s crunch time!  Shopping all done? House all clean?  Cookies all baked?

I have accomplished…none of the above.  I have a few more gifts to buy, a whole lotta laundry to do and I can’t even look one more cookie in the face.  But I’m feeling good about this week, and am looking forward to nothing more than waking up on December 25th with nary a damn thing to do but sit, sit and sit some more.  Definitely eat.  Probably do a puzzle.  More than one movie is for sure on the agenda.

A few years ago I got Little Buddha The Pacific mini-series and we all watched the whole thing. It was good, albeit a depressing way to spend Christmas.  This year, something lighter for sure.

Lots of goodies on the internet this week.  It was a much happier place than last.

Dick van Dyke, for one, contributes to that by singing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang a cappella.  All the happiness! SN: Dude is still rocking at 90. May we all be so lucky.

To quote my old college pal Flounder, after bombing Agrabah we must bomb Mustafa and Arendelle!  “30% of GOP voters support bombing Agrabah, the not-real city from Aladdin.”  Best get on that magic carpet and skidaddle, Abu.  

I’ve said it before, karma’s a bitch.  That nasty pharma CEO just got a taste of his own medicine when his lawyer hiked his fees 5,000%.  Oh, and he also subsequently got the boot from his company, Turing. Or stepped down. We all know how that goes. What goes around comes around, man.

Wise words from wise women: “Usually if someone tells you to tone it down, usually what they want you to do is turn it up.”  Tina and Amy on life.  

More wise women:  Recipes from Jane Austen’s novels and letters.  These recipes are questionable, but can I still have dinner with Mr. Darcy?

Still, more awesome women.  Serena Williams is Sports Illustrated’s first female sportsperson of the year in decades. You go, girl!

So embarrassing.  U.S. horribly fails the U.N.’s assessment of gender equality:  While the delegates were shocked by many things they saw in the U.S., perhaps the biggest surprise of their trip, they said, was learning that women in the country don’t seem to know what they’re missing.  The question is, what are we going to do about it?

Changing times.  New Orleans is getting a makeover by removing the statues of 4 prominent Confederates.  Perhaps now it’ll be clear that the South will not rise again…

Chicago is one of the worst cities in which to be single. Tell me something I don’t know…

Love letters from the grave. A different kind of love letter.  Pass the tissues.

You know I love me a good photo.  The best of 2015.  

Need some quick DIY decorating ideas?  I’ll be making these glitter bulbs later today.

And finally, all your favorite Christmas movies summed up in one perfect post.

Written after the normal Sunday hullabaloo.

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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Somethings”

  • Since you are in favor of the removal of our History, guess you’ll be the first in line to help remove statues of MLK…………….

    • Not at all. A group of my friends and I actually discussed this at length, one of whom was born and raised in LA, and I disagree with the idea that this erases history. For the same reason that there are no longer Hitler statues in Germany, I don’t see issue with removing monuments to a time so painful to so many people. I was honestly surprised that the motion passed 6-1, so while there is understandably some resistance, there didn’t seem to be as much as I expected. I appreciate your thoughts, and recognize that not everyone feels the same way.

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