Sunday Somethings


I figured this sand castle was appropriate since people up here are currently making mud-men because there is no snow.  Plus, OLAF!

Hello, Sunday.

I just love it when Christmas falls on Friday because that means two four-day weekends in a row. None of this silly working Monday-Thursday-Friday.  That’s just annoying.

Friday Christmas meant that I have two full days to get my life back in order before I have to head back to work, and before I leave for Costa Rica later this week. Good thing I spent 60% of yesterday on the couch; damn you, Netflix. Damn you!

I know you’ve been there.

It’s always funny to hear how friends are spending their evenings when I’m being so lazy on mine.  An email chain revealed that as I was getting in one last viewing of White Christmas last night, Lettuce was watching the Sound of Music LIVE, while Yam was sipping rum punch during the Sex and the City movie.  Three guesses on who is the wild woman of our trio.  

Somehow under the grace of the football gods I made it into the finals of my fantasy football league.  I’ll have you know that the last four years I’ve consistently been in the bottom, so to be in the run to win it all is proof that miracles do happen.  If you send out good football thoughts, I’m going to ask you to send some to Russ Wilson, Sammy Watkins and David Johnson.  I must bring down the Sausage dynasty that has ruled the league thus far.

Ok, enough of my ramblings.  Here are some of the internet’s:

Beautiful music.  What happens when two pianos are left in a train station for anyone to play.  Seriously amazing, and worth watching the whole thing.

Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas.  What’s the difference?

Tragic.  Virus outbreak in Brazil has left more than 2,400 babies with irreversible brain damage.

Encouraging the potty mouth. Apparently, swearing is a sign of a better vocabulary. F*&k yeah!

Recasting Harry Potter, creating controversy where there is none.  It’s hard to imagine anyone else playing the terrific trio, but I’m willing to fly all the way to London to see it!

Science, ya’ll. Forensics show us how St. Nick really looked.  Pretty close to the mall guy, I think. 

Cheese = drugs?  Those of us who have left a cheese plate with feelings of shame and regret would agree.

A good education should be accessible to all. This brilliant woman figured out how to make it so.

How about some cuteness. Husky vs. baby.  Spoiler alert: baby wins.

And finally, something extraordinary is happening.  Have you noticed?

Have a good week!

Written during the aforementioned Netflix binge.




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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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Sunday Somethings

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Somethings”

  • Happy New Year, Chrissy. May it bring you an assistant that does ALL your work for you and loves doing every bit of it 😉

  • ugh, Netflix Canada had like 6 Christmas themed movies and they were so bad they weren’t even on bravo or showcase. Sad.

    Im so pumped you won your fantasy league!! I was always at the bottom of my lacrosse one a few years ago because I picked my favourite players, not always the best ones and hoped for a good week. The one week I blew the boys out of the water I (silently) gloated for 6 days.

    We went to see the Simcoe Panorama (light display in the park) a few days before Christmas then just had dinners of appetizers (best) in bed while watching Christmas movies.

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