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What a week, what a week. The first of 2016 was head spinning on my end. Big changes at work. Big events at home.  How’s that balance going, you ask?  Well, no one successfully quits their ways cold turkey.  I’m working on it. I promise. How are your resolutions faring?

We’ve found ourselves here in the middle in the first deep freeze of the season.  That means way below frightful temps outside, which leads to comfort foods and comfy clothes inside. I’ve got some good ones for you this week, so stay tuned.  Comfort foods, that is.

It’s actually a short week on my end since a reunion with the law school peeps has me heading west to San Diego/Temecula for the long weekend coming up. Any places we should go/see and more importantly eat? We all really really like to eat.

We also like the internet sometimes, and there were so entertaining things out there.  Let’s be entertained:

Is one of your resolutions to learn how to cook? Here are 9 really good tips to get you started. You can do it!

Guys dancing in suits is one of my favorite things (thank you, Guys & Dolls).  THIS is my favorite thing on the internet this week. Watch the whole thing!

Related:  A love story.  Too cute.

With all the bad things, 65 photos that restore faith that there are still good things in the world.  Feels.  Lots of them. And some tears.

A Hogwarts where Ron couldn’t go?  No!  15 Ways Hogwarts would be different if it were in the U.S.  This made me laugh- but also, a little sad (the truth hurts).

A lesson in sportsmanship.  Perhaps a lesson for all?  

Science, ya’ll.  Scientists figure out how to unboil an egg.  Yes, really.

More science, ya’ll.  We have some new elements! Welcome to the periodic dinner table.

The things we all take for granted.  Saudi women fight for the right to practice law, and other struggles.  #Grateful. 

The copyright of photos is a big deal, especially in the blog world.  But for monkeys, they’re out of luck.  Still, cute monkey!

And finally, do you talk in your sleep? This guys does and his wife wants him to know about it. Hilarious!

Written before Sunday really begins.

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    • I lent out my copy and never got it back. I really need to make it my goal to remember to replace it next time I amazon order. Swoon indeed!

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