Sunday Somethings


Hello, Sunday.

Isn’t that picture a beaut?  This is where I am this weekend, in Temecula, California, reunioning and vacationing with Leek, Lettuce, Andouille and Dandelion.  They’re my people- the ones that I don’t see for 18 months and fall back into a rhythm with 0.006 seconds after we reunite at the airport.  

We’ve had mostly smooth sailing, save for a few close calls, most notably when Andouille exited our moving car, that he was driving, after freaking out about parallel parking. Thankfully, my catlike reflexes got me into the driver’s seat with my foot on the break to avoid an imminent car crash.  It was funny/scary.

The news was filled with sad things this week, but then the internet provides uplifting things to make us all feel better and laugh away our tears. Here’s a glimpse.

RIP, Professor Snape.  You will be missed.

You, too, Mr. Bowie.

Poop pills to cure obesity? Maybe some day.

Why are people mean? Parenting is hard enough with the judgment that pierces with the pain of 1000 swords.  Even if you’re Mark Zuckerberg.

I’m busy! There I said it, though I’m not proud of it.  Perhaps time to reconsider my choice of words.

Science, ya’ll.  How to defrost your windshield effortlessly.  Helpful life tip.

More helpful life tips:  Cookie and beer pairings. All the delicious.

We might have crappy politics right now, but we do have free refills.  25 Immigrants to America reveal their most pleasant surprise.  “Yes, I’m fat now.”  

Love stories, as told by men vs. women.  An interesting look at the great love stories.

My last day as a surgeon.  Tears.

Brain teasers! Ours were definitely teased.

And finally, puppies and babies!  Smiles for Sunday.  

Psst:  Remember how I’m teaching a bread baking class?  Sign up here! 🙂

Written while my stupid aforementioned friends made me watch (i.e. hide behind my computer screen) a horror movie.

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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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