Sunday Somethings


Hello, Sunday.

Well dudes and dudettes, January’s over.  Gone in the blink of an eye, it seems. Did your resolutions make it?

The year of balance is going well for me, and this weekend has been the best example:  good food, a much overdo catching up with my favorite people with enough time leftover to continue the binge I started earlier this week.  A little cooking, but no slaving over the stove.  Plus, it’s easy to have good vibes when the days start getting longer, and the weather does not necessitate layers upon layers.  2016, you’re looking pretty good.

I hope yours is going just as well.

(If not, the pictured scones may help.  Recipe + raspberries)

The new, the news. What’s in the news? Well, here are some somethings:

A sign of the times.  The IOC’s new rules for transgender athletes.  Interesting read.

Talk about putting your foot in your mouth. Off with his head?  The governor of Maine seems to think that’s a good idea.  Seems like he has a lot of them*.

Covered up.  Italy covered up its famous statues for Iranian president’s visit.  I thought it was a nice gesture.  Others, not so much.

Is magic really real? J.K. Rowling sure is convincing us it’s possible by announcing three new wizarding schools.  Pick me, pick me!

Related:  I got my Harry Potter coloring book this week. Because there are no limits to how cool I can be.

Science, ya’ll.  Drinking champagne may help prevent Alzheimer’s.  Sounds good to me, cheers!

Real life dating confessions.  It sucks to be out there, so best to have a sense of humor about it!

Advice to your younger self. Good advice for any age.

Turning off the falls. Niagara Falls is getting a makeover, and being shut off.  What?  This is super weird to me, but Mom actually remembers when it happened the first time.  The magic of engineering.

There are not words to describe how horrible the Flint water crisis is. I went to high school there. Did I ever tell you that?  Maddening that anyone could let this happen.

All the chocolate.  You’re welcome.

And finally, your weekly  dose of cuteness.  You’re welcome some more.


Have a good week!

Written over a cuppa and a scone.  

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