Sunday Somethings


Hello, Sunday.

How’s it going out there friends? It’s been a beautiful weekend in my neighborhood, though admittedly I haven’t been out and about too much to enjoy it.  Will try to do better today before this week’s freeze commences. 

I’ve finally managed to catch up on my life and “I’m busy” hasn’t been in my vocabulary for really, the last week. Progress is being made on the balance front.  I hope you, too, have found time to put your feet up.  If not, I wish that for you this week.

Lots of somethings for your consideration, so without further ado:

No, Mom, I’m not angry. I’ve been accused of this for years from my elders, so I’m happy to learn that bitch resting face is real (though, I don’t think I have it, but I’m pretty sure The Big Buddha did).

“I had no idea that drinking eight beverages a week could result in a baby. I always thought, somehow, that there were other activities involved.”  A hilarious commentary on the CDC’s offensive public service announcement

Amidst the Zika epidemic, a real-life look at life with microcephaly.

As we all ready for the Super Bowl, a heart-crushing look at the game not remembered.

Related: The Super Bowl Five have attended every single Super Bowl.  BFFs 4-Ev-R.

Still related:  The cutest commercial (so far).

During emergency C-section, this baby got lost. And then found.  Sneaky little tyke!

Adventure, or horror? I think I’ll take a pass on these travel destinations.

More teachers making a difference.

Doggy bags are just so American. Not so popular in France.

And finally, How you doin’?  Hilarious Tinder pick up lines.

Have a good week!

Written while mentally preparing for chili-making.

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