Sunday Somethings


Hello, Sunday.

Apologies if you’re offended by the bright neon sign. That comes from the establishment in which I found myself last night for Vert’s 35 birthday celebration.  No, it’s not a strip club (though there used to be a pole- since removed), and actually a quite normal public house establishment with a dance room downstairs. It’s in the dance room that the above pictured sign resides and we’ve all (including myself) have had many a birthday in said room. My last one was five years ago, and it was Britney themed.  

Anyway, my friends and I all went out to celebrate another in a much tamer event than in years past, but I guess that’s just a sign of the times.  They’re the group of girls that was my first in Chicago when I moved here almost 9 years ago, and thought we’ve lost a few to different cities, added a few husbands and kids, the times are as good as they always were, with just a little bit of a different twist. And it’s with those good vibes that I start the week, and it’s making me ready to go.

How’s your weekend treating you?

Good things, bad things, cute things, somethings. Here we go:

Rest in peace, Ms. Lee. Oh the lives you’ve changed and the words you’ve shared.

People are the worst. No, really the worst. And so so so stupid.  Poor guy.

Tears.  The sibling bond is indeed the strongest.

“I can’t go out because…” I’m pretty sure I’ve used some version of many of these excuses.

Science, ya’ll.  A new, working cancer therapy. I hope it’s applicability becomes more widespread.

Twenty years ago on The West Wing, Sam Seaborn predicting privacy was going to be the biggest thing “in twenty years.”  Well, we’re here. And he was right.

Being forced to say “I do” when you want to say “I don’t.”  

Oh, Ellen, you’ve done it again.  With the help of Adele.

Dear Twitter. I know you can be mean, but you can also be really funny

And finally, for those of us that love love.

Oh wait, one more of those.

Have a good week!

Written before the Sunday things start to happen.

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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Somethings”

  • Ok, I was looking forward to reading this to see if it said “ass” or if other letters were cut off and it said “classy” or something. For the record, I dig it. Love neon signs.

    I watched that episode of The West Wing last week; it is actually amazing the amount of things that come up that are incredibly prevalent today. Personally, I think it was the best show on TV.

    Mostly the snot and chapstick ones, but seriously, leaving the house in the winter shouldn’t be mandatory for social obligations. November isn’t even THAT cold and I curse my Nov birthday for being lame all the time.

    Street love, gorgeous! And the illustrations? G’Damn! That’s totally the kind of love everyone should have.

    • We’ll have that love some day, too. I’m confident! I think that the WW is certainly the best. And that says a lot since I really like so many shows, but that one…just perfection. August birthdays are so bloody hot. I think the best month would be…October.

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