Sunday Somethings


Hello, Sunday.

Vacation is going well, as you can see. #Boatlife.  The sky could not be more blue, or the air more fresh, which after living in Florida for almost half my life, I can say is a pretty rare thing indeed.  We’ve spent the first few days relaxing and eating and relaxing some more, and will spend the next few tiring ourselves out at the theme parks a bit. I’m really excited.

Despite having less desk time than normal this week, I managed to tuck away a few somethings for your entertainment.  Here we go.

Rock-a-bye puppy.  Vet rocks puppy after surgery, and we all collectively say “awww.”

There’s a lot of talk about diversifying in Hollywood. Here’s an idea on how to do it.

Related:  Hollywood for the non-white male.  Lots of perspectives.

If Hogwarts had an IT guy…it’d be this hilarious.

Who we are is built by who we love. An interesting idea.

Our world just might be a better place if we put a little more kindness and trust into our days.  A good lesson and a better story.

The stigma of doing things alone. I go back and forth on this; I spend so much time alone that I enjoy a little company, but I don’t need company.  Also, I’ve never traveled alone because, lucky me, I’ve never needed to travel alone.

It’s election season (as if we could miss it), and every vote counts. Especially mine, it seems.

If you could have dinner with one person, with whom would you eat? I picked Mom, before I even saw this.  Mom, and Maggie Smith.

If I could be anything, talent or money aside, I’d be an olympian. Because, damn girl.

Need some warm thoughts?  These should help.

Let’s end it on a true love story.

Have a good week!

Written after the fireworks.

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