Sunday Somethings


Hello, Sunday.

Waking up to a flurry of snow was not an ideal way to start things out today, April 10th. APRIL. Nevertheless, the disappointment is tempered by the fact that I made quick trip home to the mitten this weekend, and waking up to a houseful of activity, between Mom in the kitchen and Tela and Sneakers (pictured above, L to R) running around quickly recovered any bad mood that the snow would bring.

As it sometimes does, in April.

How was your week?  I hope it was the best.

What I did this week I don’t eve know, but I did manage to gain some wisdom (?) for the world wide web. Here’s what I learned.

Welcome to the newest muppet, Zari.  She’s from Afghanistan, and has some pretty important things to say.

Let’s take a page out of Elizabeth Bennett’s book and make our way to the Lake District, to eat, drink and look for Mr. Darcy.

A physician’s letter to Medicare patients, the doctor’s perspective.

As parental leave slowly starts to become a thing for all of us here in Stateside, companies are realizing it’s actually good for their bottom line, too.  Golly, seems pretty obvious to me (and the rest of the world).

Seems to me there are worse images to police on Instagram besides a nicely decorated cake.  Pastries, misinterpreted.

Fitbits do more than just track steps. They can save lives.

I live in what some would construe as a “tiny house,” but real tiny houses are extreme.   Here are some hilarious thoughts on that fad.

Does anyone remember that ice cream dessert Viennetta?  Well, watch how it’s made. Fascinating!

When women rule the world

My Beauty Uniform.  A great read (thanks, Biscuit!).

That’s all folks, have a good week!

Book of the past week. None. I’ve been a lazy bum. However, I did watch and love The Imitation Game.

Written breakfasting with Sneakers.

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  1. Imitation Game was so good!
    I am quite comfortable living in small spaces; my first apt was 400 square feet and I LOVED that place; essentially it was just big enough. But it still had a proper bedroom and bathroom, and small kitchen with actual cabinets and a fridge/stove. Heck, I’m downsizing because my old apt had wasted space which I did not like to heat/cool/pay for unnecessarily. But, NO, I am not moving my family into a 10 foot wide tiny home.

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